Our Financing Advisory Service

  • Analysis of financing requests. Examination of investments (portfolio and project funding)
  • Suggestions on bank conditions, such as variables, short, middle, or long term financing conditions according to the personal requirements profile of the borrower
  • Employment of various means of financing (subsidised loans or funding, KfW funding) and mezzanine financing
  • Equity procurement for project financing
  • Personal and discrete guidance through to the finalisation of a binding credit contract

The procurement of suitable real estate financing is a decisive key to the successful realization of any real estate investment.

Your financing matters will be handled in our partner firm, SBP commercial, by an expert, who is also deserving of this appellation as a member of the management, department head, and director of two major German banks with decades of experience in all areas of real estate financing, such as acquisition, development, and interim financing as well as end financing. In this regard, your personal interests will find consideration. We have excellent and established relationships with a number of bank institutions.