NewYorckLofts at Yorckstrasse

Generous dimensions, solid construction, original vaulted ceilings at an airy height of approx. 3.85 m to 4.50 m, and partially exposed brick walls and existing historical steel elements typify the thirteen lofts, each with its own individual floor plan.  The open design of the building offers the purchaser a great degree of latitude in planning the spatial divisions of the floor areas ranging in size from approx. 225 m² to approx. 250 m².

At the heart of Kreuzberg

With its developed structure, numerous cafés, good restaurants, excellent local public transport, and its optimal accessibility by car, the district between Yorckstrasse, Viktoriapark, and Bergmann­strasse has since become one of the preferred residential areas in the city. The Viktoria­­park, with its 66 meter-high hill (the Kreuzberg) that gave the district its name, forms the green heart of the quarter and is located only a few hundred meters away.