Fichte Lofts


The Fichte-Lofts

The unconventional loft house with twelve residential units with floor areas of between 152 m² and 205 m² was built between 2008 and 2010. The spacious entry area features prestigious water and light installations.

The well-conceived flats on the upper floors have generously sized, west facing balconies/terraces (from approx. 12 to 28 m²); the ground floor flats have expansive terraces and private gardens.

An architecturally sophisticated building

The loft house has the typical features of classic old buildings like high ceilings (3.40 m), bay windows, and balconies, while at the same time being modern, simple, and elegant, with large, room-high expanses of glass.

The fixtures, choice of materials, and construction meet the highest demands. The overall impression of the architecturally sophisticated building is complimented by the landscaped grounds. And, on the same property, directly adjacent, is the historic Gasometer with its extraordinary domiciles at a lofty height of 22 m. The evening illumination of this outstanding structure with its turbulent history is reminiscent of the illuminated arches of the coliseum. It is a stunningly beautiful building to have next to the modern loft house.