Circle House


The Circle House on top of the Fichtespeicher in Berlin-Kreuzberg

The superstructure on top of the so-called Fichtebunker in Berlin-Kreuzberg, constructed between 2008 and 2010, is a particularly successful example of the transformation of industrial monuments. The architect Paul Ingenbleek succeeded in what was seemingly an impossible task; the economic as well as architectural conversion of a monumental relict, the former air raid bunker within the shell of a gigantic brick storage structure. Paul Ingenbleek did not embed the flats within the bunker and its massively walled shell, thus avoiding all the anticipatable and otherwise unavoidable problems of supplying them with sufficient daylight and ample window views. No, the architect placed his flats on top of the bunker.

Transformation of a monumental relict

Building Data:
Object: Circle House on Fichtebunker
Location: Fichtestr.6 – 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg
Contractor: SpeicherWerk Wohnbau GmbH
Occupiers: 13 owners
Marketing: selectberlin properties GmbHH

Ingenbleek GmbH Architekten + Ingenieure, Berlin

Project team:
Paul Ingenbleek, Michael Ernst, Ulrike Kern, Muriel Raillard, Anett Buchhorn, Olivia Lyson

Construction management:
Rainer Seiferth, Heinz Esselborn

Interior architect:
Ingenbleek GmbH Architekten + Ingenieure, Berlin

Landscape architect:
Verde-Gartengestaltung, Berlin

Technical planning:
Structural engineering: Neubauer + Ernst Ingenieure GmbH

load bearing structures of fair-faced concrete (concrete slab, rounded supports); walls partitioning the flats of plastered sand-lime brick; facade elements of aluminium glazing/aluminium panels

Project statistics:
Size of property: 7,964 m²
Gross floor area: 1,915 m²
Usable floor area (NF): 1, 473 m²
Principle floor area (HNF): 1. 253 m²
Gross floor area (BGF): 1. 915 m²
Gross capacity (BRI): 4 .125 m³