Boxhagener Straße 117


Charming flats in an old historic building

A total of 37 classic flats went on sale in 2012; tenant-free flats for personal use and occupied flats for investors.

The house, built in 1900 in German late Victorian (Founding Epoch) architectural style, has flats in the front house and in the side and rear wings. The renovation of the joint property was completed in fall of 2012.

  • flats in varying states of renovation various sizes from 2 to 4 rooms
  • floor areas from approx. 40 m² to approx. 120 m²
  • larger floor areas by combining adjacent flats
  • occupied flats are let on average for 7 €/m²
  • selling prices start at 1,550 €/m

Living space for individualists

The BOX 117 project

BOX 117, a former wood working factory from the turn of the 20th century with a brick facade, is not just an address but an attitude towards life right in the heart of Friedrichshain. The factory lofts with gardens or spacious balconies (8 or 16 m²) and the penthouses with terraces (up to max. 35 m²) offer the perfect place to live for individualists seeking a home with a feel good atmosphere. BOX 117 means relaxed and peaceful living with a view of greenery in unconventional and creative surroundings.